Friday, March 4, 2011

Over Night

I drove by the new house yesterday and the new tower was taking form. Yoo Hoo, progress I can see! There is also a new dormer to the right of the tower.
The the roof that is covered in black tarp will be cut down and made smaller so it doesn't block the windows.
The house in general is going through the stage of "looking worse before it gets better".
This new constuction is a glimmer of hope admist all of the debri and dust.
Stay tuned for more...


  1. Ella, we too restored an old home built in the 1890's. Loved researching the history. I agree when you say "it gets ugly before it shows improvement." Oh, so true. I admire your dedication and immense patience on restoring this old beauty. I look forward to watching the progress. Please visit me at my blog. I am new to blogging, but have decorated, crafted and junked for many, many years. Leave a comment or any tidbit of advice and please follow.
    Thanks for sharing. tiff

  2. I am a new follower and this is so exciting to get to be a part of seeing this old house be renovated! It is beautiful and I know you and your husband are so excited! I cant wait to see more.

  3. I am watching also, just love the pictures of it coming alone day by day piece by piece.

    I can just see it all completed in my mind.

    love the look of the outside the cables and roof peaks the porches love it all