Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Journey - the Entry

Our journey began about a year ago when we stumbled across what turned out to be our future home.

 The first time we looked at the house it was a cold day and we were freezing. Some of the doors were blocked with insulation boards. The tenants were living in a few of the rooms with small heaters.The air was thick with cigarette smoke.We moved quickly, with our eyes and minds whirling.  As you can tell the entry had been updated over the years, but needed an overhaul. 
A major overhaul...

The sheetrock came off, exposing the original shiplap boards.

While I was taking this picture I noticed something red up at the top of the wall.
I looked up and discovered the entry had once been totally covered with lovely red paper- even the ceiling. Back in the 1800's there wasn't any sheetrock, only wood. It would then be covered to help control the air drafts and they loved color ....everywhere.

The dining room doorway on the left was opened up.
The back of the house was also under reconstruction.
You can see light from the where the back of the house was torn off. 

The back of the house was rebuilt and is visible from the front entry.

The sheetrock came next. I have been asked why we didn't leave the shiplap boards exposed.
Well, we would simply like to be warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer!

We added an old door leading to the kitchen area. We hope to add a leaded glass window in the transom.
I think that I should tell you now that we are
not decorating this house with Victorian colors or stuffy uncomfortable furniture.
I respect history, but this will be a home, not a museum.
Whew, I feel better....

From the dining room looking toward the stairway you can see the fretwork I bought one day at the Antique Mall. 
I think it was meant to be!!