Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remember what our house looked like when we started this journey? Since then it pretty much has been taken apart and is in the long and tedious process of being put back together.

If you drove down our street today you probably would wonder what on earth is going on!

There is a plan, I promise....

Part of the front was rebuilt to restore the home to its original form. The small tower had been blown off in a tornado that hit McKinney - I think in 1948.

The house was leveled using an elaborate pier and beam method. Huge I-beams are now under the foundation and steel piers have been pushed down to the bed rock.

All of the windows will be replaced with new energy efficient ones.

The back of the house was to say the least was "interesting" when we first decided to take on this project.

Most people would have run the other way.

Not us. We saw potential.

The back of the house is slowing being transformed.

New construction married with the old.

Bringing this 19th Century home into the 21st Century!

Unlike the original tenants, we will enjoy a new modern kitchen, indoor plumbing, electricity and central heat/air. Imagine that!

We have it good now, don't we?

I know you can't tell by looking at these photos, but this is the kitchen/breakfast room addition on the right and our Master Bedroom on the left.

The back door is at an angle and will have a small back porch. A bigger porch was not in the budget, but we thought we could always add that later if we decide to.

We are all wrapped up now like a big present!

Thanks Mr. Ella for the best gift ever!