Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall on the Prairie

We moved in a while back and life has been crazy busy! 
We just now have started to decorate. 
All of those pieces we collected to put in this special house are being pulled out of storage and finding their place in our home.

Come on in for a quick tour of a couple of rooms.
The entry is decorated for Fall. We describe our style of decorating as bringing the old from the past into the 21st century with a  twist.
The entry during demo. We had to take the walls down to the ship lap so that we could add insulation and sheet rock for today's living.

My favorite room in the house.

Most of the kitchen is new construction added on to the back of the house. 
We had the windows on this wall put up high for light and privacy.

 The cabinets are slightly distressed.

 I love our Kasmir White granite. 

We placed vintage ceiling tins as a stove back splash.
When we find some old corbels that fit just right we will add them to each side to give the area even more character. 
It is amazing how much work has been done on this house and it still isn't finished, but I guess we wouldn't know what to do then!