Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Touch of the Past

Mr. Ella and I decided to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary by buying an old house. We tell our friends we are building an old house. A nice mix of the old and the new. What a perfect description of all the homes we have lived in over our marriage life. We have had 20 addresses during these years, and no we are not in the military! We started in an apartment, then to a duplex and our first leap to buy a house built in the 1920's - all in the first year... You get the idea.
We have had our share of old houses and brand new houses.
I want to invite you all to join us in our upcoming adventure as we take this home over a hundred years old and bring it back to the splendor it deserves.
The home pictured above is not it, but is the same style and period of the home we have fallen in love with.

The style we know fits the look and feel of our decorating dream is what I am calling Romantic Prairie. A combination of rustic and simplicity.

Right now it is a little more rustic than anything else, but we can see the beauty waiting to be revealed.

The front of the house will be restored to what the builder and architect have found to be the closest to what it probably looked like when it was built around 1890.

Gingerbread fretwork and a porch railing will help with the restoration of the front.

Some may call us crazy.

I know one thing for sure, it won't be boring!

There are a few more photos found at
The British