Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've been dreaming lately of what our house will look like when it is finished. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that it will really be totally transformed during the next few months. If you were to drive by our house today you would think it is being torn down. I assure you it is not. In order to get the house back to being historically accurate some parts have to go.

The second floor porch was taken off to make way for the new tower.

Under the blue tarp is the framing for the newest addition.
Progress is being made- one board at a time!


  1. Wow ~ I am in awe of
    how homes are transformed
    like that ~
    It is going to be amazing !!
    Thank you for sharing
    the process with us :)


  2. I'd love to hear more about your experience from the point of buying through designing how the house will be transformed, where you began the process and moved forward. Did you just "see it", or did you receive suggestions from an architect who helped you visualize what it could become? What was the beginning experience with the contractor? Thanks so much for sharing! Since our house was already restored when we bought it, we missed out on so much of what you are experiencing now.