Monday, June 27, 2011


We are starting to see a little bit of progress with our house recently. There are so many tedious projects when you are dealing with a structure that is one hundred and twenty years old. The newest changes involve a fabulous new roof, the adding of Hardie Siding on the new sections and also where the old parts had rotted over the years. I would love for all of the original siding to be restored, but you just don't need to live in a house with rotten boards.

Looking down the side you can see the new roof and the siding starting with the back addition.

Small windows will be cut out on the kitchen wall.

This is the section of the kitchen where the stove top and ovens will be. The windows will be over the top of the cabinets allowing light and privacy

The Hardie Board comes in a gold color. We are trying to decide what color to paint the house. I want an all white house, Mr. Ella doesn't. We are working on a compromise. I do know for sure it will not be yellow, green or blue. I don't have anything against houses painted these colors, but they just aren't for this house.

The most exciting work done lately is my little back porch is starting to take form and the new windows are being put in. Yes, we are going to have windows!!


  1. Your vision is becoming reality!! I can see it.

  2. So, you mean your house is already 102 years old? Amazing! The foundation was probably exceptionally strong for it to have lasted that long. Well, I hope you did an inspection first of the underlayment of the roof and siding before installing the new one. By the way, I love the new, brighter, livelier look of the house.

    *Lenore Rushford